Tinker Tiles – Base Set


Learning electronics is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

First: PRINT a circuit board diagram from our free eBook.

Second: MAKE the circuit on the custom breadboard included in the kit.  

Third: TAKE the circuit off the board and into real life. 

This is where our unique system differs from everything else.  Start with our free eBooks and printable circuit diagrams that help give kids confidence that they can make the correct circuit.   But it doesn’t stop there.  Kids can lift the circuit off the board and stick, screw or tack their tiles onto almost any surface to make real life projects such as a torch, a multi-colour lamp or use with their Lego to power up their inventions.  As they get older, they can use these Tiles in more complex circuits including use with Arduino.  We are developing more complex Tiles too – and these will all mix and match into your library of useful electronic components you can use anywhere. 

We recommend this set for kids age 11+.  Get the free eBook here to see if this system will work for your child.


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Tinker Tiles are PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) with an electronic component such as an LED or switch, soldered onto them. 

Kids age 11+ often want to invent and make their own electronics projects but need a helping hand to guide them.  We designed the Tinker Tiles especially to help learners identify and use modern electronics easily. We have made them adaptable for use in “expert” projects as well so are future proof.

Download our free eBooks which include projects and printable circuit diagrams to give kids the confidence they need to start inventing.  Once they’re ready, they can lift the circuit off the board and use it in a real life project.

Tape them onto a bike.  Blu-tack them onto Lego.  Sew them into a soft toy. Your imagination really is the limit!


Tinker Tile Base Board 1
Make an AA Battery Box Kit 2
Bio-oil Handle, Philips Screwdriver 1
Soft Silicon Wire Red 1 metre
Soft Silicon Wire Black 1 metre
Motor Tinker Tile 2
Switch Tinker Tile 2
Resistor Tinker Tile 2
White LED Tinker Tile 2
RGB LED Tinker Tile 1
Booster Tinker Tile 1
Resistors 4 Pack: 6.8, 100, 10k, 100k 1

This set can be used as a basis for school lessons too and we are open to providing class sets of this kit (although we will need advance ordering so please get in touch for this option).


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