Strip Wire

HOW TO:  Strip wire with a vegetable knife with Stefan.

You will need a wooden board or hard surface that's ok for cutting.  A vegetable knife or sharp knife.

Length: 1 minute 20 seconds

Make a Wooden Battery Box

HOW TO:  Make a Wooden Battery Box

You will need our "Go Motor" kit or else any of our kits that use a single 1xAA Battery Box.

We want to be more eco-friendly so we've designed our own 1xAA wooden battery box.  This is durable and can be taped or screwed or tacked to many inventions.

We avoid button cell batteries because these are very dangerous for pets and children as well.

Length: 2 minute 38 seconds

Make a Wooden Torch: PART 1

HOW TO:  Make our Wooden Torch Kit.  Part 1 is wiring up the electronics.

You will need PVA glue (good quality), Phillips screwdriver and 3xAA batteries.

Length: 6 minute 26 seconds

Make a Wooden Torch: PART 2

HOW TO:  Make our Wooden Torch Kit.  Part 2 is putting the wooden pieces together.  You can figure this out yourself but Stefan gives a few tricks so that your torch is really firm and durable.

Length: 8 minute 9 seconds

Wiring Up the Christmas Tree

HOW TO:  Extra details to help you successfully wire up your Wooden Christmas Sparkle Tree.

You will need a Phillips screwdriver and 3xAA batteries for this project.  If your batteries get hot or start to smoke, you know the wiring is incorrect.  This video should help clarify the wiring!

Length: 7 minute 48 seconds

NEW: Make a Felt Bird Bag Kit

HOW TO:  Make a felt bird bag.

You will need our Felt Bird Bag Kit.  This kit features our Tauhou/Silvereye kit.

This tutorial takes you all the way from threading the needle, sewing on buttons and the order to sew your kit.

Length: 24 minutes 55 seconds

DIY Bluetooth Speaker: Part 1

HOW TO:  Make a Bluetooth Speaker

You will need our DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit.

Part one is mostly about wiring up the battery box correctly.  This is very important.  If you wire it incorrectly, it may damage or destroy your Bluetooth Module.

Length: 8 minute 57 seconds

DIY Bluetooth Speaker: Part 2

HOW TO:  Make a Bluetooth Speaker - Part 2.

You will need our DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit.

Part Two is mostly about the order of the wooden pieces.  It is a tightly fitting box (because we don't want sound escaping) so it does help to know a good order to glue it altogether.  These videos also feature our updated version with our new back and battery box.

Length: 8 minute 31 seconds

Hack That Kit! Hack the Marshmallow Launcher

HOW TO:  Make a Spinning Car From the Marshmallow Launcher Kit

You will need 1xAA batteries, an extra 'pin nail' (like the kind that you use for hanging pictures) and some blu-tack - as well as the pieces from your Marshmallow Launcher 3000! kit.  Of course, if you have 2 motors, a battery and switch, I'm sure you can put something together without needing the kit.  Lego wheels are always a great fallback.

I'll tell you a secret, I meant for the car to go forward but wasn't concentrating on my wiring.  After it spun around in a circle, I thought that was quite cool - so I left it.  I challenge YOU to work out how to make it go forwards!

Length: 2 mins 30 secs

Make a Powered Lego Car

HOW TO:  Make a Powered Lego Car

You will need 2xAA batteries, a fan and a switch for this project.  You'll also need an awesome, completely unique Lego car - so maybe work on that now.

Tip: make it as light as possible with wheels that are as frictionless as possible.  Even 2xAAs won't give that much power so it needs to be light!

Length: 35 seconds

Make a Desk Fan

HOW TO:  Make a Desk Fan

You will need a fan from an old computer plus 3xAA battery box.  We used our Sparkle Christmas Tree kit which also included a switch.

You can use what you have at home.  A paperclip works as a switch and an old toy might have a 3xAA battery box!  Our fan said it needed 5volts but went ok on 4.5volts from our batteries.

Length: 1 minute 36 seconds

Make an Art Spinner

HOW TO:  Make an Art Spinner Using Tinker Tiles

You will need either our "Go Motor" kit or a kit that already uses a battery box, motor and switch (Gecko Kit, Marshmallow Launcher or Doodle Noodle Drawbot).

You can also use what you have at home.  A paperclip works as a switch and you may have an old toy that you can open up to cut out the motor and AA battery box!

Length: 1 minute 26 seconds