Wooden Marshmallow Launcher Kit for Kids and Teens


Why not learn physics the fun way by launching marshmallows? Build the kit, wire up the battery, switch and motors and then, it’s time to experiment!  Try different angles to change your trajectory, distance and speed.  See how far and how high you can get your marshmallows to fly!


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"This is a really cool kit." David, Age 11, Feb 2020

What's in this kit?

  • Wooden lasercut pieces to make up the Launcher
  • 1xAA battery box kit
  • 2xMotor tinker tiles
  • 1xSwitch tinker tile
  • Screws, wires, springs etc
  • Instructions
  • Starter pack of marshmallows (within NZ only)

Features of the Marshmallow Launcher

  • Teaches physics in a hands-on way
  • Best for ages 11 +
  • Less plastic than other kits.  We use sustainably harvested eco-plywood
  • Re-useable and no solder electronics
  • Uniquely designed and NZ Made
  • Uses marshmallows instead of polystyrene foam pellets so better for wildlife/pets/people
  • Absolutely enormous fun and kit can then be used to make something else see this link to see Sophia's car made from this kit.

The Tikanga of Food in Play

We did consider the Tikanga of using food in play.  After much debate we agreed to use marshmallows as our "pellets" out of respect for our environment.

If a child uses this kit and does not collect or eat the marshmallows, pets and wildlife are safe to eat them - unlike foam pellets which are traditionally polystyrene and apart from causing damage to animals and the water cycle, won't break down.


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