The Doodle Noodle Drawbot (Tinker Tiles Kit)


It doodles.  It noodles.  It draws! Your child makes the circuit and assembles a Drawbot in this fun STEM kit.  Once made, it’s time to experiment with angles and the included teardrop weight to get their Drawbot to go in straight lines, circles or wobble.  A fun introduction to some maths and physics ideas for ages 9+ (or younger if you’re willing to help with rubber bands and screws!)

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  • Learn how to make a series circuit 'hands-on'
  • Play with angles and the unique "teardrop" weight at the back to get your Drawbot to move in a certain way
  •  Make predictions and observe results
  • Heaps of fun getting it to draw different patterns
  • Re-use the pieces to make an Art Spinner or Fan project

What's in this kit?

  • Lasercut pieces to make the Doodle Noodle Bot
  • 1xAA battery box kit
  • 1x Motor tinker tile
  • 1x Switch tinker tile
  • Wires, screws, springs
  • Rubberbands
  • 3 Felt pens


Ideas for projects can be found at our How tos video page and circuit diagrams are available in our free eBook.


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