Go Motor Pack (Tinker Tiles)


Everything you need to make multiple creations zoom – a motor, fan, switch and battery box!  This “lite” version of Tinker Tiles is a great starter set.   Get it for the extra battery box and tiles or use it as a trial to see how you might like this product. 

Tinker Tiles can be screwed, glued, hotglued, blu-tacked, sewn, taped and rubberbanded to most places.  This set doesn’t have instructions but you can download our free eBook here for some ideas.  We suggest searching for projects that use a motor and battery.  Some ideas are: art spinner, scribble bot, recycled bottle car, fruit tray boat and handheld fan.

Tinker Tiles are PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) with one electronic component soldered onto it.  We use modern “real” electronics – for example LEDs and resistors,  rather than old-fashioned lightbulbs.   Our Tiles are fairly durable but not made for very little kids – this is something for the big kids – all the way up to teens.

Update 12 Nov 2020: Sorry we have no more available for 2020.  We make batches of kits ourselves and have limited stocks.  Stocks on other kits are low so make sure you order asap to avoid disappointment. Thanks for your support!

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So many kits are a “make once” then throwaway thing.  We are aiming for kids to re-use and invent using our Tinker Tiles.  This is a small add-on pack that allows for a lot of play and experimentation. 

First, the kids follow our YouTube instructions to make their own AA battery box.  No more junky plastic battery boxes because once it’s made, it’s durable and works anywhere.  It’s easy to get the AA battery in and out and they can attach it to most things using a rubber band, screws or tape.  They can link multiple boxes in series or parallel to increase the voltage or power.

Once they have a battery box, they can make up the basic circuit to make the motor go – then search for projects to use.  Here’s some we can think of:

  • A Fan
  • An Art Spinner
  • A Fan Propelled Boat
  • A Fan Propelled Car
  • A Flying Toilet Roll Squid
  • A Drawbot/Wobblebot

Add this extra pack onto any other SharperThinker kit and you’ve suddenly extended the amount of Tinker Tiles you have to create with!  Our tiles have ‘anchors’ on the corners so kids can wrap wire securely around them without needing to solder.  To reuse the tile, simply unwrap the wire and move the tile somewhere else.  You can screw, hotglue, blu-tack, tape or rubberband our tiles in place and the wire will stay wrapped on the corner – doing it’s job.  Keep building up your Tinker Tile library and get creating today!



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