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The DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit is that gift you need for the hard to buy for teen or adult.  For the eco-friendly; it’s wooden and we made it ourselves in NZ – plus we have used as little plastic as possible and of course, you use it (rather than a kit you make that just sits there).  For the person who prefers to make things and doesn’t want “junk”; we have done the hard yards and found all the right pieces and designed the correct box/sound ratio to make a quality wooden bluetooth speaker. Please allow 2-3 hours for this project. We provide full instructions in our YouTube videos so you will need access to the Internet/Wi-Fi for this kit.

“We’re very impressed with this little unit. It is lightweight and easy to assemble. The box is nicely precision cut with a great clean and functional industrial look. It puts out great sound quality for a small piece of equipment and pairs to a smartphone in a jiffy. 
Sophia and Stefan provided excellent customer service. We recommend Sharperthinker and this product 100%.”
(Lesley & Tony May 2020)
“We love ours!”
(Tasha G, August 2020)

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Our Bluetooth Speaker kit enables your teen or favourite adult to make a quality “Industrial look” Bluetooth Speaker they’ll be proud to own and use.   There is no soldering required for this project.

“Once they had completed the speaker successfully, they had a sparkle in their eyes and said: “Sir, can we take it home we want to show it to our mum?” They further commented: “It really sounds good; the bass is excellent for such a small speaker! The two proud brothers (age 13 and 14 years) left with the Bluetooth Speaker carefully wrapped in their school bag. Success!”

(Huntly College Highschool Teacher, Feb 2020)

What’s in this kit:

  • Eco-ply lasercut wood to make the speaker box and battery compartment dimensions: W6.5cm x H20cm x D8cm.
  • Silicone USB charging cable.
  • 2 speaker drivers 4ohm, 10 watt pre-soldered with wires and plugs.
  • 1 Bluetooth amp which will connect with your smartphone/digital smart device.
  • Wires, screws, springs, rubberbands.
  • Switch.
  • Decorate, stain, varnish or leave it plain.

We provide all the laser-cut wood pieces to make a compact smooth looking box (W6.5cm x H20cm x D8cm) and all the electronics you need.  Once made, this speaker connects quickly with your digital device, will put itself on power save if it is left on for long periods and gives a quality sound across the range.  We provide a USB charging cable so you can charge it (only if you use rechargeable batteries). 

You can customise it with your own paints or pens – or leave it plain.  Read  this article by Stefan to see the thinking process/challenges we had to overcome to put this kit together.

*Not included:  batteries, glue, screwdriver.



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