Wooden Torch Kit for Kids Age 9+

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We give you an ecoply lasercut wooden kit and the electronics you need to build a fully functional, durable wooden torch.   This is the most common birthday present choice in our kit range and is recommended for ages 9+.  It will take between 1-2 hours to build this kit depending on the child’s confidence level and ability. 

“I think it was the torch kit that really started him on his inventing streak!  Thanks to you guys he’s really getting into electronics now.” Odele

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Features of the Wooden Torch Kit

Gain Confidence

Kids gain confidence by making a torch that really works and they can use. 

Learn hands-on

Kids learn STEM skills hands-on as they see how a battery works and learn to recognise real electronic components.

High Standards

We aim for high standards of quality when designing our kits.  These have not been put together for "a quick buck" but for a successful, fun and truly educational experience.


We make our kits here in NZ and choose sustainably harvested eco-plywood.  Whenever we can, we choose natural materials.  This includes our packaging.  See more in About Us

Items in our kits.  Toys with less plastic.  Gifts that last.  Bare electronics.

In the Kit

  • Precision Lasercut wooden pieces to make the torch
  • Bright LED (doesn't get hot but remains bright)
  • No solder required LED electronic tile
  • Spring, silicone wires, screws
  • Quality lens for optimal light diffusion
  • 6.8OHM resistor
  • Instructions (video instructions also available, click here)

You Will Need

You will need 3 x AA batteries, quality PVA glue and a  Phillips screwdriver.

We suggest a small screwdriver with a 2mm head.

This torch will go for approximately 20 hours BUT  it isn't uncommon for kids to leave one going for a day or so!  That's why we also suggest rechargeable batteries such as the Eneloop brand available for places such as PB Tech and Mighty Ape.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 7 cm

2 reviews for Wooden Torch Kit for Kids Age 9+

  1. SharperThinker

    (via text) “We had fun doing this project! Two boys aged 10 and 11 years tackled making this torch with one hand each while their other hand was immobilised. I read all the instructions and gave them guidance when needed. I only needed to give them an extra hand with the rubber bands to hold it all together. Then it was gone and I didn’t have a chance to help them glue it! Thanks for giving the kids a chance to understand the inner workings of a torch. I won’t glue it cause I think they will take it apart and make it again knowing them.” Cindy, homeschool mum.

  2. mrsbmaroc (verified owner)

    My 11 year old son loved making this torch. Lots of discussion on what he was doing and back and forth as he worked it out but he made it completely on his own and is very pleased with his work. Great product. Thank you

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