BULK BUY: Buy 2 Wooden Torch Kits


Get a box with 2 Wooden Torch Kits.  Keep one and gift the other or make them for a weekend togetherness project.  Learn STEM in a fun hands-on way.

  • “I bought the torches for my (12yo) twins and they LOVED them!!”  (Marge)
  • “Having watched SharperThinker things turn up in my FB feed, thinking yay a NZ based making things kits, my son received the torch kit for his birthday! The exciting part was the magic of the light bulb lighting up!”  (Cecelia)

With our unique torch design, kids can see how a spring, wire, LED and batteries all need to connect for the light to go on.  By inserting their own torch lens, they see the difference between non-focused and focused light.  Because we get kids to make all their own battery boxes in every kit, they start to see what needs to be put where for batteries to work.

This is a great starting place for someone because they are crafting something that they can use. We estimate this will take an hour to make for an 11-year-old – but it depends on their confidence with making.  It’s not just a “plug and play” type build so the recipient will need fine motor skills, the ability to concentrate and follow instructions.  We recommend going to the https://www.sharperthinker.co.nz/youtube-electronics-project/ section of our website and watching the YouTube tutorials.  Stefan guides us step-by-step through this project. 

The torches are individually wrapped in bright tissue paper so it’s easy to give one as a gift.  We’ve thought about the environment so you can compost or recycle our packaging.  All the wood in our kits are sustainably farmed – we don’t use rainforest or native timber.  We use silicone rather than plastic wires and encourage the use of re-chargeable batteries (this also comes in handy if a child leaves a torch on all night!)

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Have a few birthdays coming up or more than one child?  Get our bundle deal and pack two Wooden Torch Kits into one box.  Each Wooden Torch Kit comes with its own set of instructions and gives your child a chance to learn electronics and STEM hands-on.  Make your own durable working torch that you take camping and use every day.



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