Wooden HeadTorch Kit for the adventurous


This is a challenging and absorbing kit to build, recommended for ages 13+.  You will make a sturdy but light headtorch, perfect for jogging, tramping or reading in the tent.  (For younger makers, we suggest our Wooden Torch Kit).  We provide full photo instructions, in colour.  The perfect gift for summer camping and winter tramping!

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A truly eco-friendly headtorch...

Those of us who enjoy camping and tramping know how useful a good headtorch is.

We celebrate this eco-friendly headtorch.  It's made using eco-ply, the electronics will last a long time and can be replaced, you made it so if you understand how to do any small repairs.  The LED is extremely bright and will last for hundreds of hours (time on one battery is 4-5 hours).  And, it runs off a single AA rechargeable battery.

This is an advanced build because of the amount of electronics you need to carefully place into a small space and the concentration needed.  We suggest it's best for ages 13+.

Features of the Wooden Headtorch Kit:

  • Uses sustainably harvested eco-plywood instead of plastic.
  • Very light.
  • Once made up, the headtorch "box" is H3.5cmXW3.5cmXD4cm.
  • No soldering required.
  • Large satisfying switch - easy to use.
  • Powerful LED.
  • Tilt mechanism to focus the beam where you need it.
  • Uses 1xAA battery (not included) for approximately 4-5 hours of light.  We suggest a rechargeable battery for optimum performance.
  • We estimate this headtorch will take an experienced maker 1-2 hours to build.

In the kit:

  • Wooden lasercut pieces made from Ecoply
  • 1xLED Tinker Tile
  • 1xSwitch Tinker Tile
  • 1xBooster Tinker Tile
  • Lens
  • Resistor
  • Wire approx 1 metre
  • Screws, spring
  • Wide orange elastic 65cm
  • Instructions

You will need: Philips screwdriver, 1xAA battery and PVA glue.



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